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WAMU's Numbers: Financial Restructuring Is Inevitable

Washington Mutual's (WM) announcement this week that it has no plans to raise additional capital sent the stock up temporarily, but as soon as investors did some simple math on the numbers, it came down to a more realistic, albeit still inflated, number. Wamu boosted its loss reserve to $8.46bn and expects to suffer losses "toward the upper end of the range it disclosed in April" of $12-19bn. If we add Wamu's current excess capital… Continue

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Go East Young Man!

As I sit here sweltering in my office one one of Londons few really hot days of the summer it feels appropriate that my thoughts should turn to India

Whenever I visit this fascinating and vibrant country I’m struck by the pace of change that the whole nation is experiencing not just in business but in all aspects of it’s development as it heads towards it’s rightful place as one of the true global players. I’m particularly keen however to compare India with it’s major global rival,… Continue

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Merger Action Percolates Anew, But It Won't Reach 2007's Level

Story in Investor's Business Daily

Merger Action Percolates Anew, But It Won't Reach 2007's Level



Posted 7/22/2008

Thanks to a handful of high-profile deals, the market for mergers and acquisitions has awakened from its 2008 slumber.

Just don't expect it to spring out of bed and go for a brisk run that would catch it up to last year's torrid pace.

Strategic buyouts… Continue

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Three Stages of Merger Communications

The media may love hostile takeover attempts—witness the amount of ink devoted to the second attempt by Microsoft to acquire Yahoo, or last year’s purchase of the Wall Street Journal by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. But these are the exception. Of the more than 8,795 mergers and acquisitions deals announced worldwide this year, the vast majority have been friendly.

From a communications perspective, friendly deals have three phases: pre-deal planning, deal announcement and… Continue

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Which Bank’s Problems Will Sink Angelica’s Buyout?

In the pending buyout of Angelica (AGL) shareholders have not just the usual worry about the debt funding, but in an odd twist the equity portion could also be at risk. The financing consists of equity from an entity affiliated with stressed Lehman (LEH), while most of the debt is provided by struggling Regions Bank (…


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Cooperation Denmark

I am one of three partners in a Danish M&A company. Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Based in Denmark, Business Broker A/S is specialists with the experience and drive needed in connection with mergers and acquisitions.

Buying companies

The process of buying companies is closely related to the process of selling companies. As consultants, Business Broker will both prepare the profile of the forthcoming purchase and search for suitable… Continue

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