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Highest bidder not always best bet.

Progress in business is so important to us that we put it first in our name. We partner with smaller, entrepreneurial companies and transform them into more. More professional. More customers. More market share. More progression. Our team develops existing businesses into larger, improved professionally managed organizations.

There are many firms today that can and do make this same claim. However, it takes a special skill set to affect such a request. This type of endeavor should… Continue

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Paul J. Isaac's Conflicted Role In American Community Properties Trust Buyout

The extent to which the buyout of American Community Properties Trust (APO) by Federal Capital Partners is flawed was revealed in the company's recent proxy filing. One of the unhappy shareholders, Paul J. Isaac, was given the opportunity to continue to own ACPT even after the buyout. The other shareholders will forgo the… Continue

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Blogging Interim Style

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Shanghai 2020

This was initially a discussion posting on our China group but I thought I'd throw it out to the wider population as this weeks blog! Please comment folks lets's try to get some debate going!

I've been very quiet since I set this group up as I have been immersed in a project which has now come to an end. So I thought I'd get a little discussion going and see where it leads! I'm also writing a blog on this issue which I'll do over the weekend or sooner if I can so please read and… Continue

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8 Ways Shared Services add Value in Mergers & Acquisitions

Organizations that have well developed Shared Services operations are in a unique position to realise accelerated savings in mergers and acquisitions

By: Paul Hawkins, Managing Director, MergeCo,

Discover eight key contributions that Shared Services can make to your next corporate deal.

Metrics for synergy identification

In building a business case for shared services, organisations frequently draw on transactional efficiency benchmarks e.g. invoices… Continue

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Portfolio Magazine: Going Hostile

Going Hostile

by Charles P. Wallace Nov 11 2009 Hostile deals are traditionally viewed as risky and difficult to pull off, but some acquirers, such as Kraft, are giving it a shot as the odds shift. While British candy producer Cadbury rejected a hostile $17 billion takeover offer from America’s Kraft this week, it does not have history on its side. In recent years, changes in laws and an absence of buyers in today’s market have… Continue

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The Recovery: What Now?

By Jamie Liddell, Editor, Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON)

What a gradually improving global economic climate means for organizations the world over…

Go direct to the post here:…


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Minority Rule

Minority Rule-China’s new approach to

cross-border M & A

Once again this week China and specifically it’s intentions and relationship with Africa has again been on centre stage as a result of the pledges and discussions at the China – Africa Summit held in Egypt. Wen Jiabao, China's premier, pledged $10bn in new low-cost loans to Africa over the next three years and defended China's engagement against accusations it is "plundering" the continent's oil and… Continue

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Where's The Arbitrage In The New Merger Arbitrage ETF?

ETFs have been encroaching the turf of active managers for some time and are now taking head on hedge funds. The promise of hedge funds at ETF costs is very appealing but raises the inevitable question: can they do it? The upcoming IQ Arb Merger Arbitrage ETF (ticker will be MNA) is an example of one that is likely to fail.

The first thought is, of course, you get what you pay for. If this line of thinking has some validity, then alpha-generating talent is well worth paying 2/20 for.… Continue

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High Water Marks Bring Yet Another Bias To Hedge Fund Returns

Survivorship and backfill bias in hedge fund returns have been written about extensively. A recent article in Hedge Fund Alert drew out attention to yet another problem with the reporting of hedge fund returns. It turns out that last year's carnage has left so many hedge funds underwater that the returns posted for this year are not actually what you will earn if you are a new… Continue

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