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Extreme Makeover - Business Edition

I’ll admit it… I cry like a school girl when Ty yells “Move that bus!”  It gets me every time when I watch the pure joy experienced by a family seeing their re-made home for the first time.  The transformation is always shocking, and far more complete than the deserving family could ever imagine.


There are times in business when we need a makeover as well.  As I work with businesses of all sizes, I often see the results of many years of organizational neglect.  Yes,…


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Going Eighty in a School Zone

“Sorry officer… I was running late.” I said from my prostrate position on the warm hood of the police cruiser.   Even then I realized how ridiculous that statement sounded as I felt the heat from the engine on my cheek and heard the handcuffs snapping into place on my wrists. 

“Tell it to the judge, hotshot,” was all he said as he yanked me off the hood and began walking me to the caged rear seat of his black and…


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Why not check under the hood?

As an organizational strategist, I pride myself on my ability to assess the health of an organization beyond the income statement. I typically know where to look for warning signs that an organization is poised for human capital challenges.

I continue to be shocked at the number deals done without a decent assessment of the health of the entity being purchased or invested in. We don't buy a house without an inspection. We don't buy a car without checking it out…

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The Problem with Organizations: People

The one thing that all organizations have in common is the presence of people. The one common source of all organizational problems, is again… people. If it weren’t for all of us imperfect human beings, our organizations would run far more smoothly and effectively.…


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