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Merger Integration Checklist - 5 Things You Should Never Say in Announcing the Deal

The next time you see or read about a top executive announcing a merger/acquisition, pay close attention. I’m betting the boss mismanages expectations by making at least one of these five common but wrong-headed remarks.

1. “We don’t anticipate making any changes.”

Why wouldn’t you? During a merger or acquisition, people are primed for change. They expect it. So you should use this window of opportunity to make needed changes. No company is perfect.…


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Merger Integration - Help! We're Being Mergerized!

The fact is, mergers and acquisitions are one route to corporate growth. And there is a common set of “growing pains” brought about by mergers. When you see these problems developing, you should not take that as clear evidence that the merger is being mishandled by people at the top.

These are predictable problems. They can be found in practically every…


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