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Did you know you can get the M&A Advisor Network on your iPhone or mobile device? Keep up with the activity, start a discussion, upload a photo, invite contacts, browse your friends, search the Users -- all from your mobile device.

Just open up a web browser on your mobile device and enter the following:

Then bookmark or add the icon to your home page on your iPhone or mobile device for quick access… Continue

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Update your Profile: It's Always a Good Time

When's the last time you updated your profile on the M&A Advisor Network? Now might be a perfect time. Actually, you should revisit your profile at least once a month to make changes to it so other people can see what you're up to.

On the M&A Advisor Network, you want to make sure you fill out these two fields with as much detail as possible:

-- About Me (Company description, Biography, Services I provide)

-- Network with Me (Types of transactions I seek,… Continue

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Be Careful Sharing your Contact Information

Do you ever wonder how the email spammers get your email, even though you don't sign up for any lists or buy any products online? Do you know that telemarketers are now scouring the Internet for direct line phone numbers to bypass the general switchboard?

They do this with what is called email/telephone bots - automated programs that collect contact information, email addresses and telephone numbers from postings on the web. So be cautious if you post your contact information here or… Continue

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Don't Let your Network Deteriorate: Invite your Contacts

Professionals networkers agree that your network is only as strong as you make it. In other words, you must keep contact with them on a regular, consistent basis by providing them powerful, educational and valuable information. Each day you let go by and fail to communicate, the weaker your network becomes.

With that in mind, you can invite them to the fastest growing network of professionals in M&A, financing and turnarounds. Login and invite your contacts by clicking… Continue

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Join or Create a Group

Did you know you have the ability to create and join groups as a user of the M&A Advisor Network? Login and click on the Groups tab and take advantage of one of the most powerful networking tools for M&A, financing and turnaround professionals!

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Roger's Corner: Is It Time to Sell?

With banks strapped for cash the Fed is moving to make it possible for PE firms and other private investors to invest in big banks. It is a turn of events that is unprecedented in modern finance, as strict federal rules thus far have prohibited such activity. The long time fear has been that PE firms are unregulated entities; and therefore would oversee the function of banks without federal review and oversight. Buyout firms are now getting… Continue

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Roger's Corner - June 20, 2008: Beyond YouTube

With inflation on the move, the immediate future of futures uncertain, and inconsistency in oil prices the markets opened lower today. In large M&A news, Bank of America is poised to complete its purchase of Countrywide for approximately $3 billion. Yet middle-market M&A deals here in the US still remain off from the 2007 high.

Though M&A Activity has definitely taken a hit here in the US, global deals continue to be robust, especially as… Continue

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Roger's Corner - June 13, 2008: Where's the Leak?

Domestic US stocks closed up a bit yesterday, as retail sales benefited from the economic stimulus checks, although leading indexes finished well off the day's highs, as oil prices continued to pound stocks. On big deals, Microsoft’s bid for Yahoo collapsed, as Yahoo moved in unison with Google on synergizing some search performances, possibly valued at $800 million in revenue.

Meanwhile, most on Wall Street agree that the Fed is poised to battle inflation, with… Continue

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Roger's Corner: Big Deals can Say A Lot

I don’t typically comment on big deals. I do consider HP’s purchase of EDS, however, a bell-weather for many middle-market M&A Deals. The $13.9 billion transaction, at $25 a share, is anticipated to close by year’s end. This deal will more than double HP's services revenue, which was $16.6 billion for 2007. The two companies' collective services businesses, at the end 2007 fiscal year, saw annual revenues topping $38 billion. The revenue… Continue

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Roger's Corner: What M&A Deals?

Despite cheap money the US economy continues to wobble as we enter the second half of 2008, impacting middle-market M&A deals directly.

In March non-farm payrolls fell for a third straight month and the unemployment rate rose. US construction and manufacturing also took big hits, accounting for March decline in payrolls. Business activity has also slowed but personal spending continues a steady, if lesser, pace. On the plus side, the housing market, which accounted for a 1% loss… Continue

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Roger's Corner - May 2, 2008: Is 2% a Saving Deal?

How many rate cuts does it take to stimulate growth? The answer to that question remains to be seen. Yet this Wednesday the Fed cut rates again for the seventh time. The overnight lending rate is now at 2%. So, is two percent low enough to revise or save pending middle market M&A deals? The markets answered this week with no reaction.

While some on Wall Street argue that the credit crisis is easing up, in a still tight credit market and a declining housing… Continue

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Baird's Merger Monthly for the Middle Market - April 2008

Robert W. Baird & Co. is pleased to send you the April issue of Merger Monthly, our publication analyzing U.S., European and Transatlantic middle-market M&A activity. This month's issue contains:

*General M&A Market Commentary – M&A activity remains sluggish, unable to shake the effects of the turmoil in the debt markets and growing… Continue

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HOW-TO SERIES: Checking Messages on

To check your messages on, sign in and click the envelope icon located on the top left bar, the thin colored strip that appears at the top left of the page. A panel will then drop down where you can compose messages and read messages you’ve received.

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HOW-TO SERIES: Sending Messages on

Want to send a message to someone you don't know?

To protect your privacy, only your contacts/friends and certain members of social networks you belong to can send you messages on If you’re a member of a network, the Network Creator and Administrators can send you messages and you can message them back. Further, if you belong to any groups, the Group Creator and Admins can get in touch with you privately — and you may receive messages sent to all… Continue

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Obiturary: Stanley Foster Reed, M&A's First Scribe

This obituary appeared in Mergers & Acquisitions: A Dealmaker's Journal December 2007 issue. Stanley Foster Reed is a stalwart in the M&A industry viewing it from a journalist's side. He will be missed ...

M&A’s First Scribe

Stanley Foster Reed, who founded this magazine, passed

away in October, but left an enduring legacy

By Jerry Abejo

In his 90 years, Stanley Foster Reed

was pulled by many passions.

Briefly put,… Continue

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