Company A owns a precision fabrication company in Illinois  

Company B received 20% of its revenue in 2010, (5.2% of sales) from Company A.

Both companies have sales of $16 - $20 Million. Company A is an S Corp. Company B is an LLC 

The individual owners of Company A and B have an interest in doing something together for the following reasons 

  • Succession Planning:

Owner of Company A seeking exit strategy


  •  Synergistic Growth:

Company B has proprietary material and Company has fabrication expertise


  • Relocation:

Move Core manufacturing for Company A to Texas

Reduce cost, tax burden and improve employee quality of life

  •  Company B will build a Texas based Manufacturing Plant for Company A

Ten Year objective is for Company B to acquire Company A

Both owners have a great deal of trust in each other, as well as a high risk tolerance, but neither want to ‘bet the farm’. What thoughts or suggestions do you have as to how these two men might put something together?

Your suggestions or ideas are greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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