Be Careful Sharing your Contact Information

Do you ever wonder how the email spammers get your email, even though you don't sign up for any lists or buy any products online? Do you know that telemarketers are now scouring the Internet for direct line phone numbers to bypass the general switchboard?

They do this with what is called email/telephone bots - automated programs that collect contact information, email addresses and telephone numbers from postings on the web. So be cautious if you post your contact information here or any other website.

Use the Inbox (the M&A Advisor Network website mailing system) to communicate with other Users rather than posting your email or phone number on a blog or their comments. Remember, the comments you post are PUBLIC, unless the User makes it private, and thus can be collected by these SPAM bots.

So avoid SPAM and use the Inbox to communicate to other Users of the M&A Advisor Network.

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