“Sorry officer… I was running late.” I said from my prostrate position on the warm hood of the police cruiser.   Even then I realized how ridiculous that statement sounded as I felt the heat from the engine on my cheek and heard the handcuffs snapping into place on my wrists. 

“Tell it to the judge, hotshot,” was all he said as he yanked me off the hood and began walking me to the caged rear seat of his black and white Crown Victoria. 

With my hands uncomfortably pinned between my lower back and the cold vinyl of the seat, I tried to remember the reason I was going so fast.  What could have been so important?  What was so pressing that I couldn’t slow down a little and obey the law?  How will I explain this to my wife?

Thankfully, this is not a true story from my personal life.  However, in my experience as an organizational and HR consultant, I’ve observed many busy business leaders heading for an encounter like the one depicted above.   While the infractions are different, this speeding example is a simplified picture of what happens when we are so busy driving our business, that we ignore the rules of the road.  

Whether an organization employs three or three thousand, having employees or using contractors creates significant risk.  Rules and regulations must be successfully navigated while balancing the demands of running a business.  Unfortunately, our excuses ring hollow when we attempt to explain away our actions or inactions because we were just too busy or unaware of the rules. 

When WOLF advises on organizational performance, we use a two stage approach wherein we first assess and address HR risk areas.  This is the foundation.  First we work with you to build (or rebuild) a solid HR infrastructure that helps protect the business (and you) from costly fines and legal penalties.  Only then do we confidently partner with you on practical organizational processes and programs designed to sustain and improve performance.  Learn more…

Just as speeding through a school zone poses great risk to pedestrians and to your driver’s license, driving your business without an eye on the rules of employment can be harmful to employees and to your bottom line.   The good news is that with a little initial effort and some ongoing maintenance, you will rest easier knowing that you have strong answers to any difficult questions that may be asked of you later.

Jeffrey J. De Wolf is the founder and managing principal of Overland Park based WOLF HR Solutions℠ (www.crywolfnow.com).  He has a passion for practical, business oriented organization effectiveness solutions.  He can be reached at jdewolf@wolfhrsolutions.com or 913-219-5353.

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